WHITE OAK - The 14U boys baseball team is South Carolina bound. For the first time in the history of the White Oak baseball association, one of their teams is headed to the Dixie League World Series. This is a moment that is surreal for the players and the coaches. "It's pretty incredible...I think everybody is kind of numb about it all, and not really understanding that we're really doing this. It's a pretty amazing feat," explained manager Gary Bort.

Despite the excitement of clinching a World Series appearance, the White Oak baseball team expects to encounter some adversity in South Carolina. "We're going to be one of the smallest teams representing our state, and we're going to use that as motivation," said assistant manager Joe Bauer, "No one is expecting us to do anything and we're going to go out and represent Texas to the best of our ability."

While the players are a little nervous about the big stage, they realize how big this moment is. Outfielder Stephen Thomas explained, "We're going to be talking about this for the rest of our lives. And who knows, maybe one day, our kids will be on the All-Star team, and we can tell them stories about us going to the World Series."

The coaches found a creative way to motivate the team to get to this point. They explained to the players that if they made the World Series, than all of them (coaching staff) would shave their heads. The coaches made good on that promise, and will all be sporting bald heads.

Their first game is on Sat against Sevier County, Arkansas, at 6:00 PM.