Three firefighters went the extra mile, literally, to assist a veteran in need.

When a Raytown, Missouri man's electric wheelchair became stuck in soft ground by a nearby pond he was fishing at, the local fire department was called.

The responding three firefighters assisted the man, later identified as a veteran by the Kansas City Star, by lifting him and his chair out to solid ground. 

But in his endeavor to escape, the man's wheelchair ran out of battery.

"They pushed him about seven blocks back to his house," Raytown Fire Protection Deputy Chief Mike Hunley told the Kansas City Star. "We encourage our guys to find the best way to make a difference when they are out in the field."

The firefighters assisted the man home, where he could recharge his chair. 

The kind act was caught on camera by a firetruck that was following to ensure safety. The video was posted to the Raytown Fire Protection District's Facebook page and received what the fire station calls a "surprising" amount of positive feedback.

"These are moments when my faith in humanity is restored," one comment said. "Thank you for being exceptional people."

Hunley and his team appreciate the kind words and he is proud of his men, while he reminded the Kansas City Star that they're there to help people.

"That's what we do for a living," Hunley said.