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Why are travel experts recommending you not check a bag when flying this summer?

Chaos has descended at some airports as people look to travel again.

HOUSTON — Why are travel experts recommending you don't check a bag when flying this summer?

As hordes of people return to flying, they are running into roadblocks.

A shortage of pilots is causing cancelled flights, and a shortage of airport workers has lead to a deluge of lost luggage, especially in Europe.

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This has travel experts recommending not checking a bag. And if you can't avoid it, make sure essentials like prescriptions are in your carry-on.

That’s because some travelers are reporting waiting for weeks to be reunited with lost bags, if they are reunited at all.

While domestic airlines are reporting an increase in baggage issues year to year, the biggest problems are in Europe.

Heathrow Airport in London has capped capacity this summer, telling airlines to limit ticket sales. The same goes for the airport in Amsterdam.

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Delta Airlines CEO told reporters this week they had to book a charter flight to return bags that had been stranded in Europe to customers in the U.S.

There are options if you have something that must be checked, but absolutely cannot be lost, like a wedding dress. In that case, you may want to consider a luggage shipping service.

Other experienced travelers recommend a tracking device like an apple AirTag.

Also, don’t leave the airport without reporting a missing or damaged bag.

And speaking of lines, make sure you arrive at the airport early. That can help make sure your bag actually gets on the plane.

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