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TROPICAL UPDATE: Philippe in the Atlantic is the only name in town

Tropical Storm Philippe is expected to move north in the Atlantic, toward New England or the Canadian Provinces. Some minor interest in the Gulf next week.
Credit: Alan Holt
Tropical Overview - October 3

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tropical Storm Philippe is expected to move north in the Atlantic, moving toward New England or the Eastern Canadian Provinces this weekend. It is not a threat to the Gulf of Texas.

Credit: Alan Holt
Tropical Overview - October 3

While there are no other areas of interest currently being flagged by the National Hurricane Center, we will be keeping watch on the Gulf of Mexico next week. With a cold front resting in the gulf, it is possible there may be a tropical spin up near where the boundary is resting next week. If something were to develop, it would likely move to the north or east. We will keep watch on it, but it's not something we are overly concerned with at this time. Image below is of the European Ensemble through 7am, October 13.

Credit: weathernerds.org
TUE 12z European Ensemble through October 13


Remember to not "anchor" to the first forecast you see - forecasts change. Also, rely on a credible source for your tropical information and forecasts. We talk about that and more in our 2023 KIII Hurricane Special. You can watch it on your 3NEWS+ smart TV app or on YouTube.

Credit: Kristin Walla
Model Accuracy Over Time


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October is one of the later months of hurricane season, but we can still see activity in the gulf and Caribbean. We will often observe a secondary maximum in hurricane season in October because of Caribbean development. It is not uncommon to see systems develop in the Western Caribbean and move north/northeast. This year, with an ongoing el nino, activity may be suppressed, despite the very warm waters in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Credit: Alan Holt
October Tropical Development Zones

The updated 2023 NOAA Hurricane Forecast calls for a slightly above-average season.

The previous forecast called for 12-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes, and 1-4 major hurricanes.

Credit: Kristin Walla
NOAA Updated 2023 Hurricane Season Forecast

2023 Tropical Cyclone Names

Credit: Kristin Walla
2023 Atlantic Hurricane Names

2023 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Map

Credit: Kristin Walla
2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season Named Storm Map

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30, with the peak of the climatological peak of the season happening on September 10.

Credit: Kristin Walla
Tropical Climatology

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