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Will supply chain issues impact recovery efforts?

Ore City is still recovering after Monday night's severe weather. With a shortage and inflation on construction materials, will this impact the tornado recovery?

ORE CITY, Texas — Recovery efforts continue in Ore City after Monday's severe weather. 

But will supply chain issues impact those looking to rebuild their homes?

Some people may struggle to get what they need to repair their house. 

"I don’t have enough labor, there’s not enough materials," Anwar Khalifa, president of Pyramid Homes, said. "Supply chain issues may give a little bit of a problem."

Problems like cost of materials and finding labor are issues many face.

"But it's not really adding that much more to what we already got, what we're seeing now," Khalifa said. 

Ore City resident Enrique Sanchez said his family has been traumatized by the tornado, but he’s already repaired his roof. 

"I already kind of fixed it," Sanchez said. "Our house didn’t really get too bad."

But he’s still grateful for all the support.

"Thank you to everyone that came to give us some food," Sanchez said. "Everything helps a little bit and we just keep going."

The community has been working nonstop to ensure those in need get every material necessary along with a hot meal. 

"I spoke with some folks earlier today that have trees on their homes," Angie Edwards, mayor of Ore City said. "And they said, people just showed up with tractors and chainsaws, they didn't even know who they were. I'm just, I'm blessed to be part of a community like this."

So for the meanwhile it looks like the community is providing enough to get back on their feet. 

But, there will still be an issue on repair cost and finding labor. 

"If a framer don't show up, what are you gonna do?" Khalifa said. "You're gonna say, should I get another one? Good luck. You know? So there's a lot of delays."

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