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Staying cool in the Texas sun

Tips to help both parents and kids stay cool for the summer.

TEXAS, USA — The heat index is on the rise here in East Texas and finding ways to stay cool it’s on top of everybody’s mind.

It’s important to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible,” said Molly Mills, mother of four. “So, staying in the shade when they play and then also drinking really cold drinks can help bring their body temperature down and cool off.”

Another parent says they make sure to drink a lot of water and juice as well as going out earlier in the day before the heat rises.

“And then we have Pedialyte Popsicles and make sure we stay hydrated,” said Megan Fallin.

Executive Director of The Rec Anthony Johnson says kids, and parents, are welcome to enjoy the splash pads and get cooled off.

“One thing I like to always remind people whether it’s an adult or a child, make sure you pre-hydrate,” said Executive Director of The Rec Anthony Johnson. “You know you need to get those fluids in you and start the day before and really getting a lot of fluid into your system so that you can sweat properly.”

But as a parent, how do you know when the kids have had too much heat?

“When you see a kid that starting to get either a little too red or if you kind of feel like he staggers or something like that,” said Johnson.

“When they’ve been sweating and they’re looking more lethargic I would make sure they were in the air conditioning, give them a cold drink, set them down and let them just relax,” said Mills.