9 year old JJ couldn't pass up a trip to the Caldwell Zoo. "I like to pet animals," said JJ. This energetic boy loves animals, but his favorite spot at the zoo is not getting up close to the goats. He enjoys the snakes. "I like the snakes slivering up my arm. The feeling of their stomach makes me laugh," said JJ.

JJ just loves being outside and playing baseball and basketball, but the pastime he enjoys the most though is fishing. "Because it is fun and you get to catch fish and touch them." It's such a passion for JJ that he's already making plans for the future. "I am going to be a professional fisherman," JJ said. "I am going to go out there everyday and practice on my fishing."

As you can tell JJ is a determined and strong-willed child, but he is also funny, helpful and outgoing.
When it comes to school, JJ says he enjoys it for many reasons. "We get to play outside and math and science." He will need some extra help with reading, but he is making great strides at school and needs a supportive family to keep him on target.

JJ hopes to be adopted by parents who will not only take him hunting and fishing, but who are also loving and sweet. "I want parents that have a dog," JJ said. He would love to have brothers or sisters, too. Most of all he just wants you to know this about him... "I am a sweet boy that likes to fish," JJ said.