Leaving for a deployment can be tough and once soldiers are on the plane, they're not normally going to see family for quite a while. But for one Fort Bliss soldier, the trip actually meant a chance to see family along the way. But he didn't know they were coming.

Private First Class Jeremy Small's family heard he landed in New Hampshire and raced to the airport to give him some hugs and love before he left the country.

When the soldiers were standing in formation for a Goodbye ceremony with the volunteer group the Pease Greeters, they announced his name and the get together followed...with some tears and a lot of joy.

"He's such a great young man to step up and do this for his country. We love him and we're so proud of him. He's such a good Christian boy and I know God's gonna watch over him we pray for him every day," Felicia Tebbetts said.

"It was nice because we knew we weren't gonna see him for a while," Ashley Noble said.

"We were spending time with each other," Annie Sampson said at the airport during the surprise visit.

Small said he rarely gets a chance to see family in El Paso.

The family got some one-on-one time and when it was time to board the plane once again. Small's family got on the flight line to say a final goodbye before the mission began.

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