RUSK - The bi-district showdown between the Carlisle Indians (8-3) and the Groveton Indians (6-4) was held at Eagle Stadium in Rusk this evening. Both teams looking to move on to the next round of the playoffs. Carlisle started off strong, they were able to put points on the board early. But Groveton was able to battle back in the second quarter.

But Carlisle's offense proved to be too much for the Groveton Indians. They fell to Carlisle 49-22. Carlisle was still able to get the win even with four players out of action and for head coach Rocky Baker asking players step up was key.

"You all are going to have to step up to a different level you're going to have to stay on the field longer and you're going to have to do more things on special teams," explains Baker.

For quarterback Tristan Craig this win was a true team effort.

"We were firing off all cylinder defense and offense and our o-line did an incredible job you know," says Craig.

Next week Carlisle battle it out against Kerens in the Area Round.