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East Texans celebrate Star Wars Day

The Star Wars franchise has reached generations of fans. Bringing families together to binge their movies and shows.

TYLER, Texas — Today is Star Wars Day where fans celebrate the beloved story of Jedis and Siths in space. 

Throughout the years, the Star Wars franchise has transcended generations and has become a classic in households alike. In East Texas, the age diversity of fans stretches to a galaxy far far away. As a cultural impact, Star Wars gives the opportunity for families to bond.

"I watched the Star Wars movies on VHS over and over as a kid," Michael Seigler, a Star Wars fan said. "I've just started being able to share it with my little. We were watching "A New Hope" just this morning."

The love also reached our own CBS19 studio. 

"My dad grew up with it," Justin Oliver, a CBS19 Producer said, "but whenever he was raising me, that was something that we bonded over. We saw all the movies in theaters. I still remember us rushing out to Walmart at three in the morning, just so we can get like the first copy of the movie to come out when it was on DVD."

At Ground Zero Comics, the owner already planned what he wants to do today in the spirit of the franchise. 

"Assault the Death Star and destroy the Imperial Empire for good," David Seigler, owner of Ground Zero Comics said.

In addition to the festivities around comic book shops, East Texas Brewing Company offered another way to celebrate the fall of the Empire. For the entire night, they are offering trivia with beer and snacks. 

"Today is Star Wars Day! As we were looking at the calendar, we were like what's a fun way for us to celebrate star wars day?" William Krafve, Special Projects Manager of ETX Brewing Co. said. "Why not do a Star Wars themed trivia? So that's gonna kick off tonight at seven o'clock."