LINDALE, Texas —

As East Texas students continue their transition to at-home learning, some teachers are finding creative ways to keep them engaged.

Lindale ISD first grade teacher Megan Fadal is one of several educators in the district finding new ways to stay connected with her students from home. 

"As a first grade team, we came together and we started our kids on Google Classroom," Fadal said. "So, assignments are being pushed out through there."

With the help of technology like Google Classroom and Zoom, Fadal said she is able to post assignments online and hold digital classes with her first-graders. 

"They're able to go to different websites links and watch videos of us actually teaching," Fadal explained. "So, they're still getting to see our faces every day."

This new remote style of teaching, Fadal said has brought parents, kids and teachers closer together. 

"It's honestly given us an opportunity to get to know our parents better and to learn and show a growth mindset ourselves as educators, because we're having to also learn how to teach online," Fadal said.

It's how Fadal said she came up with her digital read-aloud segment, called "Books with Bane," reading to her first-graders from home with the help of her dog Bane.

The reaction she has gotten so far has been encouraging. 

"They’re sending me videos of them watching books with Bane and like put it on their big screen TV and I thought that was hilarious," Fadal said.  "So yeah, it's been it's been really fun."

Through virtual meetings, Fadal said she has also been able to collaborate with other teachers in the district to share ideas and activities for students.

"This is a whole new learning experience," Fadal said. "So honestly, I see it more as an opportunity to keep learning."