TYLER, Texas — Whether it's a vape or a JUUL, Robert E. Lee Principal Daniel Crawford is catching students every week vaping.

"We've definitely seen a rise on students participating in that kind of behavior," said Crawford. "And carrying vapes on campus, having it with them and just the availability that they have to each of them."

Vaping on school grounds is against the school's policy.

"It is in our code of conduct that you can't have it, just like you couldn't have a cigarette, tobacco of any type, and so we treat it the exact same way," Crawford said. "But it's so much harder to catch and see because it is a vapor."

Because of how difficult it can be to catch students vaping, Crawford said the school decided to take a different approach to educating students about vaping by having a presentation "Vaping: What's in the Mist" by speaker Robb Holladay.

"Robb came in and really shared what is in a vape, what are the chemicals, also the marketing behind it," Crawford said.

Wanting to spread the message further than just to the students about vaping, a presentation was held for parents as well.

"It's really an education piece, a proactive approach rather than reactive down the road," Crawford said.

Crawford said he just wants to keep everyone informed and educated.