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Petition started to have Travis Scott pulled from Coachella, Day N Vegas festivals

Scott’s high-energy performances are known for being chaotic with concertgoers encouraged to take part in a raucous nature.

HOUSTON — There is a push to get Travis Scott pulled from another music festival following the tragic event from Friday night’s Astroworld Festival.

There is a new petition demanding that Scott be removed from this coming weekend’s Day N Vegas Festival as well as next year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Scott’s high-energy performances are known for being chaotic and fun-filled shows with concertgoers encouraged to take part in a raucous nature involving mosh pits, crowd surfing and stage diving.

At least eight people were killed during a crowd surge at during Scott’s performance during the festival Friday night. A sizable group of the 50,000 in attendance pushed toward the stage at NRG Park as a timer clicked down to start the performance before the chaotic scene began to ignite.

People in the crowd reported lots of pushing and shoving during the performances leading up to Scott’s set — which is normal at his shows. He’s often encouraged fans to bypass security and rush the stage, but none of those previous situations resulted in fatalities.

In a tweet posted Saturday, Scott said he was “absolutely devastated by what took place last night.” He pledged to work “together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need.”

Astroworld Festival investigation could take weeks

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the criminal investigation into what happened could take weeks. He added that the investigation will take them in many directions so it could take even longer, but he vows to get to the bottom of what happened on Friday night.

The mayor said right now they're focused on meeting the needs of those affected.

Mayor Turner said they're looking at every detail related to Astroworld including site and security plans. They are also talking to organizers and producers of the festival as well.

The mayor said they want to be able to answer what happened and why to ensure it never happens again.

“We owe it to every single concert-goer to do everything, all of those, all of the stakeholders, to do everything that we can to make sure that this is a safe venue for those who come regardless of their ages,” the mayor said.

Mayor Turner said anything that is reported to them will be followed up on so if you have any information you're urged to come forward.

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