QUITMAN - The Quitman football team has finally gotten the gorilla off their backs. With their victory over Cumby on August 31, the Bulldogs put an end to their 43-game losing streak.

“It’s the first one in a long time. It’s something we’ve been yearning for,” stated senior offensive lineman Justin Blalock.

“The community wanted it. We really wanted it, so we had to give it to them early,” added senior quarterback Josh Medlin.

By the time head coach Bryan Oakes took over the football program a year ago, the Bulldogs had already lost 33 straight games. In his inaugural year as head coach, Quitman went 0-10. Through all the losses, Oakes persevered thanks to a strong support system. “First and foremost, I’m surrounded by a great coaching staff and guys that truly believe in what we do here. I can’t describe to you how great they are and the community,” Oakes stated.

Part of the reason why the Bulldogs have started off great this season is due to the culture that Oakes has implemented. “More than anything, I preach to them it’s more about life than it is about football. Just preaching to them what it is to be a good human being. Winning is a by-product of character.”

With one win down, and playoff expectations in mind, the Bulldogs are feeling pretty confident about the season. “We’re going to bring the hits. We’re going to come out of the gates and just give it to you so be expecting a dogfight,” stated senior quarterback Josh Medlin.