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Space heater safety tips

When it turns cold remember the 4 Ps
Space Heater Safety

We have all heard about the 3 Ps during infrequent cold waves that hit Florida and South Georgia. We want to protect our pets, pipes and plants. But there is a 4th "P" and that is PEOPLE.

Every year during our first cold wave we always have big problems with space heaters catching homes on fire. Unfortunately this can lead to fatalities. This is why it is imperative if you have a relative or friend that stays warm when temperatures dip this time of year to check on them. Give them a friendly reminder to make sure they never fall asleep with space heater on even if the heater indicates it has special sensors that automatically turn it on and off.

Secondly, never place a space heater by curtains, clothing or furniture. These are common things that catch on fire. Last but not least if they cannot keep there home warm enough by other means make sure they have a warm place to stay. It is a matter of life and death.

The great part about living on the First Coast is that our temperatures rebound nicely after a few days of cold weather! In fact our weather team is forecasting 70s this weekend. This is even more reason to remember the 4 P's so we can all look forward to a great weekend.