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East Texas quintuplets to continue their education together after high school at ETBU thanks to scholarships

On Tuesday evening, Hallsville High School recognized a group of siblings - quintuplets - who will all attend East Texas Baptist University.

HALLSVILLE, Texas — With high school graduation just weeks away, many schools are recognizing students for their good grades and scholarships. 

On Tuesday evening, Hallsville High School honored a group of siblings - quintuplets -  who will all attend East Texas Baptist University.

It was a room full of proud parents, snapping photos of their kids and documenting their next chapter in life. But for one family, they're writing five different books. 

"At first everyone sort of freaks out and they're like there's no way, and we're like, 'yup there's five of us,' graduating senior Makenzie Bryant said.

As the five siblings soon graduate from Hallsville High School, all five of them continue on a similar path --- getting their tuition paid for at ETBU.

"Just in shock," graduating senior Caleb Bryant said.  

"(A) major stress reliever," graduating senior Peyton Bryant said. 

"We were like, 'woah, what the heck, this is crazy,'" Makenzie said. 

They're one step closer to keeping the family tradition going as their mom Darcy Bryant also went to ETBU. 

"We're proud of them. They're ready to go grow up and spread their wings. We're proud of them," Darcy said. 

Austin and Caleb will be majoring in business, Peyton will be majoring in psychology and linguistics, Makenzie will be majoring in education and Kaitlyn is taking on general studies. Though they all have different majors, they still hold a strong sibling bond. 

"It's just showing up on the first day of school and never being alone," Makenzie said. And when one is missing, "(it) feels so weird not to have them," she added.

They say they're blessed to have this opportunity to go to school together. But if weren't for their scholarships, going to a university wouldn't be in their story, Caleb said. 

"We would definitely not be going to the best university out there ...yeah be in debt for a long time," Makenzie added.  

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