LONGVIEW, Texas — Beginning at 11:59 p.m., Gregg County will begin enforcing a mandatory shelter-in-place order. However, those who qualify as essential workers will still be able to report to work.

Essential workers cover a wide variety of jobs in health care, grocery and fuel.

According to the City of Longview, there are 21 categories and 78 subsections classifying industries as essential or non-essential.

"I think a few people probably don't understand why that we are essential," said Tony Aguilar, General Manager of Welch Funeral Home.

While Welch Funeral Home will continue operating, like any business, they are changing how they operate their business.

"When this first came out with the governor, we elected to limit our services to 10 people and in doing so, we were kind of ahead of the orders that that came out," said Blake Cammack, the owner of Welch Funeral Home. 

Welch Funeral Home has taken additional steps to include as many people as they can by incorporating live streams so others can take part even when they can't be there in person.