TYLER, Texas — We set a high temperature record of 80° today in Tyler, the record was 42 years old. Temps were 20° above normal across East Texas today but behind a powerful cold front tonight, highs Tuesday will be 15° below normal. The front is expected to bring a cold rain to the entire area; but will any of us be seeing any snow mixing on in? Some of us might! 

What kind of impacts can we expect? 

Let's take a closer look!

Tonight and Tuesday:

The weather pattern really starts to change overnight. Expect rain chances to rise as we head past sundown, eventually rising as high as 80% after midnight. 

Temps will be falling as well during the overnight. Expect temps down to the upper 30s by Tuesday morning, with our northern counties hitting the mid to low 30s. 

This drop in temperatures could present a problem with so much moisture around the region. While in Tyler, and areas to the south, we will just see rain, areas in the I-30 corridor on up to the Oklahoma border could see some snow or wintry mix early on Tuesday. 

As our temps will be in the 70s today, major impacts are not expected, and the winter weather potential will only be around during the early to late morning hours. Still, a few slick spots could be possible, especially on bridges and overpasses, so use caution if you drive through wintry conditions. 

Once we head past sunrise and into the day Tuesday rain will continue to dominate the day. Expect a 90% chance for rain through the day, with some moderate to heavy showers possible. Rain will remain possible around East Texas until Tuesday evening, when the system moves on out. 

Temps will only reach the low 40s for highs on Tuesday, with around half an inch to an inch and a quarter of rainfall possible with the system. 

Make sure your rain gear is ready!

Wednesday - Friday:

The forecast will be rather quiet from Wednesday through Friday. Expect to see sunny skies on Wednesday, mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies on Thursday, and mostly sunny skies on Friday. There is some weak indications that a stray shower may pop up on Thursday and Friday, but as of now this is not expected. 

Temps will be in the mid 50s for highs during this period, with temps in the 30s for the morning hours. In fact temps will be below freezing, right at 30, Wednesday morning, and near freezing for Thursday morning. Keep an eye out for possible frost and freeze conditions both days. 

Temps will be in the mid to upper 30s by Friday morning.  

The Weekend:

We are looking at a rather quiet weekend around East Texas as temps start to warm back into the 60s. Expect mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies each day, with highs in the mid to upper 60s. Again there is some indication at a stray shower in a few models, but again this is not expected as of now. 

Final Thought:

Get out and enjoy the warmth today East Texas, big changes are coming! (Find the rain gear for tomorrow as well!)

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