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A Tyler neighborhood friendship goes viral

After moving from Colorado, two kids befriended their 84-year-old neighbor. Showing that age shouldn't keep us from being friends.

TYLER, Texas — In a quiet Tyler neighborhood, two kids Noah and Bella Rodriquez made a new companion.

Peggy Hicks, an 84-year-old widow, is excited to see her two friends when they get back home from school. 

"I'll tell you something funny," Hicks said. "He was sitting here with me just a few days ago and he looked at me real serious. He said, 'Miss Peggy, how old are you?" and I said, 84, and he said, 'I didn't know we could live that long.'"

As for the future of their friendship it happen to go viral on social media with over 1,600 reactions. 

"The reactions are just phenomenal," Levi Rodriquez, Noah and Bella's dad, said. "What really compelled us is we feel like it's been a very dark season, not here locally only but around the world. People really need something that can really help them feel good."

Peggy has high hopes for these kids, especially Noah. 

"I see Noah as being a very smart grown-up and a businessman because his dad is a businessman, and so is his wife," Hicks said.

So, what does it mean to have neighborly love? 

"To have children that are so kind to an old lady," Hicks said. "They always tell me they love me and they want to kiss on the cheek."

Showing no matter our differences, love and kindness is everywhere. Even in your neighborhood. 


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